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Selecting the right skilled nursing facility has never been more important for patients, physicians and discharge coordinators.  With increasing pressure to control healthcare costs, hospital “length-of-stay” for medically complex and functionally impaired patients is steadily decreasing.  As a result, the role of skilled nursing facilities is evolving from “long-term care,” to the management of higher acuity patients.

Rehab Solutions partners with skilled nursing facilities to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy to maximize clinical outcomes for our client facilities. We utilize specialized treatment programs that offer the medical technology, evidence-based protocols and advanced therapist training necessary to help improve outcomes and return the higher acuity patients to a lower level of care in their environment. Investments in our people and processes have allowed our therapists to stay focused on their patients, assuring the highest level of quality care with superior outcomes. We provide our teams with state-of-the-art therapy equipment and then challenge them to be innovative with their treatments and make a difference. We go out of our way to show our employees how much we value them and their level of job satisfaction translates directly to quality patient care.

At Rehab Solutions, we provide an extensive program which includes the tasks of recruiting, staffing, scheduling, supervision and consulting. We work closely with our client facilities to provide clinical and management expertise to meet all CMS regulations while maximizing financial reimbursements. We also offer our partners the option of a full service or management contract to best suit the needs of their facility.

Our experienced Regional Director is a therapist who makes frequent facility visits to assist our rehab directors and staff therapists with day-to-day clinical and fiscal operations. We are tuned-in to the needs of all of our customers – patients, families, caregivers, clients, and employees.

Rehab Solutions is responsive to our patient’s needs first and foremost. Our commitment is to be transparent as a contracted organization and still provide the highest quality services. As a result, our client facilities contract retention has remained intact for the life of the company. We are a leader among rehab companies!


With so much at stake, we recommend facility administrators and owners consider the following questions when interviewing prospective rehab companies for your facility:

  • Do they educate their therapists to Medicare compliance on a consistent basis?
  • Are they large enough to efficiently handle your caseload, but small enough to eliminate costly and time-consuming errors?
  • Do they have professional, compassionate, and satisfied staff with low turnover and high productivity?
  • Do they utilize an innovative software program for accurate and streamlined documentation, billing, outcome measurements and management reports?
  • Do they utilize state-of-the-art equipment to provide advanced rehab programs using physical agent modalities?
  • Do they have a real appreciation of their responsibility and a true dedication to restoring every patient’s dignity and quality of life?
  • Do they have low denial rates?
  • Do they handle the appeals process of any Medicare therapy denial your facility encounters until the case is resolved?
  • Are they owned and operated by therapists with long-term care experience who understand the challenges and opportunities of your business?
  • Will they provide the high level of attention, management, and service you expect and deserve from your rehab company – your largest vendor?


At Rehab Solutions, we take pride in being able to give the right answers to all of these questions and to back it up with our skill, service, and performance every day.  When deciding which rehab companies are best suited for your specific needs, we hope you will consider Rehab Solutions.